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Our Story

The story began from the desire of challenging own capacity and to set a foot print as an entrepreneur in an uncharted territory. End of naval carrier after retirement never meant to be an end of active duty. Motivated by family and friend’s 2nd innings kicked-off soon after retirement. All challenges were handled with great care and advice from all. We kept challenging our capacity as time progressed but always remembered too many things at the same time may result in burnout.

We are grateful to Allah SWT for his countless blessings in overcoming challenges presented to us by the expectation of all our partners and managing those with relentless effort. All members of this endeavor showed their dedication, commitment & compassion. Most importantly the family played the most pivotal role in keeping us going till to date.

Business is like a bicycle where you have to keep on paddling to avoid falling down”. “Every project is like conceiving a baby in pregnancy. You need to take care in every phase of it to get a healthy baby or full pay cheque.

The company CEO and one of the founding members of this company is a graduate of BUET in Mechanical Engineering and served Bangladesh Navy for 31 years. His engineering knowledge, experience, and dedication to the Armed Forces have driven us to select these particular areas of operations.


To grow consistently with a steady pace and display morality in the conduct of business.

Purpose Statement

To convert every obstacle in business into an opportunity and to challenge the boundaries of capacity to take it to the next height.

Company Objectives

Every solution must be AFFORDABLE, ACCURATE and ADVANCED.

Our Clients

Armed Forces of Bangladesh (Bangladesh Army, Navy, and Air Force) is our main client. We are also privileged to serve Bangladesh Coast Guard and Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh. We do serve Chattogram Dry Dock Ltd (CDDL), Khulna Shipyard Ltd (KSY) and Dockyard & Engineering Works (DEW) Narayanganj.


We started our journey in 2015 with a motto which is embedded in our name. Our journey started with Bangladesh Navy committed to supply best possible products at the best possible price. Gradually, we have expanded our area of operations to Bangladesh Coast Guard, Khulna Shipyard, Chattogram Dry Dock Ltd, and Fire Service & Civil Defence organization. Pumps, compressors, and lifesaving equipment’s are our key products. We provide other equipment, uniform items etc as per our clients requirements. We import products from USA, UK, EU and China to maintain the top-notch quality of our products.

Our Valuable Partners

In the last five years, we have worked with a good number of manufacturers and foreign principals. few of our partners in previous endeavor have been mentioned below